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Advanced Shipping Cost Calculator

Before customers place an order, an optional sophisticated Advanced Shipping Cost Calculator module can automatically calculate how much to charge a customer for shipping based on what products are in their order and where the order is being delivered to.

Features include;

  • Auto-calculation of cost based on the number of products and product size
  • Any number of price levels based on product size
  • Auto-look up of road distance to the delivery address to match courier regions
  • Any number of shipping regions
  • Charge more for rural delivery
  • Set a maximum percentage of order value or maximum shipping cost
  • Set up different calculation rules for different customer groups
  • Customisable quantity shipping discounts mean five large products don’t have to cost five times the cost of one

Benefits of the Shipping Calculator include

  • Give your customers certainty on shipping costs before they place their order 
  • Reduce ordering friction by not having to call back your customer with a shipping cost
  • Save staff time
  • Recover freight costs more accurately
  • Avoid killing sales by charging unreasonable delivery costs for large orders 
  • Get flexibility to tailor your offer to different customer segments 
  • You can choose what is best for your operations and your customers

Offer delivery or pick up as fulfilment options for your customers

Choose what is best for your operations and your customers

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