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  • 360Commerce’s component architecture means you have ultimate flexibility building your product pages. No more rigid templates.
  • You can choose to show any number of over 25 marketing components to tell the product story.
  • You can choose any of three add-to-cart components, depending on your target market and you can place them on any page – not just on the product pages.
  • Related products can be displayed on a product page or other pages. Automatically load the related products by selecting category, product flag or entering a keyword in the component set up.
  • You can even manually assign related products for real precision.
  • Multiple product variant types with the choice of either drop down selections or in a table format for high speed ordering by customers who order many variants of a product in one session.
  • Shoppers can add a product accessory to their cart with just one click. This means you will get bigger orders.


  • Complex product pricing means that both consumers and businesses can be assigned to any price level. This means customers will see their own pricing for every product, every time and eliminates rework or call backs to change pricing after the order is placed.
  • Buyers can be assigned to many pricing groups so you can maximise profit and customer loyalty
  • Contract pricing for your large customers who want special attention
  • Quantity price breaks are displayed in a very user-friendly way to encourage more sales.


  • Build complex forms with workflow to capture information from your customers in a way that is easy for them and also save time for your team.
  • A submitted form database saves a copy of email content which means you will never lose a message.
  • Build one form and it automatically customises itself to every page by picking up data off the page and inserting it into fields and labels where required.

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