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Product Presentation, Menu and Search

Related products can be displayed on a product page.

  • Selection can be automatic by Category, product flag or keyword.
  • Alternatively, your can manually assign related products to a product page
  • Increase shopping basket size.
  • Save time

Product Variants can be displayed in a grid or with traditional drop-down variant selectors such as for size and colour

  • Buyers can choose variants according to their needs.
  • Grids are faster for buyers for who order many variants of a single product.
  • An example is retailers who are ordering to restock their store.
  • Buyers who buy only one or a few variants of a product get the familiar drop-down selection fields

Choose the Best Menu for Your Customers

  • A Text Mega Menu for technical products where visual cues are a distraction.
  • Or an Image and Text Mega Menu for smaller numbers of products and few categories that gives direct access to all products with one click.
  • Or for large complex category structures with multiple levels, an awesome Mega Menu that really makes your offerings stand out.

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