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The #1 eCommerce Choice for Sales Teams

The 360 Commerce platform was created to deliver a more effective B2B sales channel. It uses proven component architecture, known to be effective in delivering sales through the use of easy-to-place CTA buttons as well as fast on-page purchase and cart options.

The ability to measure and analyse sales is hugely important to all businesses. Because 360 Commerce links straight into the most popular ERP systems, you'll have even more powerful data at your fingertips, enabling you to make important sales and marketing decisions across the whole business. 

The team at 360 Commerce is constantly adding new features to make eCommerce a better sales machine and minimize back-office workload while at the same time improving customer experiences. Each month the team releases new updates as part of continuous improvements, evolving the platform to keep up with advances in technology and best-practice.

Standard Features

Ordering On Behalf

It's important that nothing creates a roadblock in the sales journey. With 360 Commerce the sales journey is seamless. Even your staff will be able to place orders for all customers or only customers assigned to them, so they can process sales on the phone or whilst face-to-face.

Customers can order for their own staff or for staff in a sister company or subsidiary. This is perfect for businesses that have several agents or franchisees in different locations. 

Flexibility Built in


Returns can often be a source of issues for any businesses. With 360 Commerce, your customers will be able to request Return Authorisations online by viewing an order and simply clicking on an order line to request a product return. It's that simple!

World Class Solution

Advanced Shipping

With 360 Commerce's standard Advanced Shipping component, you can price shipping charges by a sophisticated module that takes into account several variables such as product size, quantity of products, distance and the customer themselves, to maximise profit and sales.

The Advanced Shipping Feature is one of the most powerful features we deliver, recognised and appreciated by many of our customers in their testimonials. Advanced Shipping is a standard feature within 360 Commerce, available right out the box.


Content Flexibility

It's highly likely you will want to treat each of your customers differently. That's no problem with 360 Commerce, as you can restrict content, products and search results by customer groups. Your off the shelf 360 Commerce eCommerce site has the power to deliver a bespoke customer experience. 

A great user experience means more online sales - Ease of searching, ease of adding to cart, on-page sales magnets, on-page enquiry forms, and a one-page checkout are just a few of the ways 360 Commerce ensures a great user experience.

Where other solutions have limits on the number of products included under their standard pricing, the 360 Commerce solution allows an unlimited number of product variants and variant attribute groups. We want your site to achieve great sales results, so we don't put any blocks in the way.

Powerful Features

ERP Integration

The key feature of the 360 Commerce platform is its ability to integrate with a number of the World's leading ERP systems. It's pre-set up to work with Netsuite, Udoo and Microsoft 365. It's likely you have come to rely on the powerful features of these systems. You'll love the way 360 Commerce delivers online sales straight into your ERP system, with no extra hassle. Use your ERP system powerful reporting to see sales across all your channels, including online.

360 Commerce instantly appeals to company finance, sales and logistics teams running on Netsuite because it offers a seamless integration as a standard feature, with no third-party company or product involved in the integration module. It is robust, failsafe and comes with great error reporting on a transaction by transaction basis. This ensures that there is no finger-pointing and time-wasting investigation if anything goes wrong with a transaction.


Easy Ordering

Your customers probably like a choice when it comes to ordering. They're looking for easy options and flexibility. Using the 360 Commerce Platform, your customers will be able to reorder from previous product ordering history OR previous web orders OR their favourites list. The choice is theirs but the sale is yours, time and again.

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The best way to see just how good the 360 Commerce platform performs is to book a 20-minute demo. We'll show you how easy it is to integrate the site with your ERP system, how simple it is to build pages and how effective the solution is at delivering B2B sales.

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