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360 Commerce Feature List

All the features you need to deliver a powerful eCommerce site out of the box.

If you have a specialised function or integration that isn’t part of the standard smart components or modules then we can build that bespoke module for you. This flexibility gives you the best of both worlds so you can fine-tune your site to suit the way your business operates.

⦁ World beating, highly flexible component-based architecture
⦁ 100% Configuration – 0% Build
⦁ Continuous releases of new functionality
⦁ Any new features you need? – Just ask for them
⦁ 100% Microsoft .NET functionality
⦁ Hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud
⦁ Accelerated content delivery by Azure’s Content Distribution Network
⦁ Optional hosting on the Canberra, Australia Azure Cloud approved by NZ Police and Defence

⦁ Assign customers to a pricing level or contract pricing
⦁ Assign customers to shipping calculator rules if you opt for the Advanced Shipping Module
⦁ Assign customers to B2B or B2C experiences
⦁ Hide or show products and/or product categories, menu items, blogs, components or pages from different groups of customers
⦁ Ability to hide all or most content until a user is logged in
⦁ Restrict search results by customer group
⦁ Assign customers to different payment methods
⦁ B2C customer functionality
⦁ B2B customer functionality
⦁ B2C guest customer functionality

⦁ Selectable shipping and billing address at checkout
⦁ Unlimited shipping methods
⦁ Optional free shipping trigger point by customer group
⦁ Advanced Shipping Price Calculator module
⦁ Price by size and quantity of products
⦁ Price by distance
⦁ Premium for Rural Delivery
⦁ Discount by number of items in order
⦁ Set a dollar or percentage maximum amount
⦁ Unlimited shipping calculator rules
⦁ Drop ship customer option

⦁ Assign customer groups to different sets of payment options
⦁ Charge to Accounts Payable account
⦁ Bank account to bank account transfers
⦁ Credit cards

⦁ Use as a backup sales system when your ERP or retail sales system is offline.
⦁ Single page checkout
⦁ Click and collect - branch stock availability and pick up branch selection
⦁ Add to cart component can be placed on any page
⦁ Classic add to cart buttons
⦁ Classic product variant drop-down selection with add to the cart
⦁ Table of product variants selection for add to the cart
⦁ Collection of products for add to the cart
⦁ One click to add product options to the cart
⦁ Setting to allow or disallow ordering of products with insufficient stock
⦁ Ordering-On-Behalf
⦁ Your sales team can order for their assigned customers
⦁ Your customers can order for their own staff or for staff in a sister company or subsidiary
⦁ Order from a favourites list
⦁ Order from product order history (online and offline orders are viewable)
⦁ Order from past orders
⦁ Optional purchase order number in the checkout page
⦁ Automatic address verification via NZ Post API
⦁ Setting to allow or disallow address changes in the checkout page
⦁ Automatic storage of the first address that a user enters in the checkout page
⦁ Setting to allow users to change stored delivery addresses
⦁ Optional forms in checkout to collect additional information
⦁ Optional back order messaging in cart and checkout
⦁ Fast order form - for quick bulk ordering

⦁ View past offline and online orders and request a return authorisation
⦁ Select quantity to return
⦁ Provide a reason for each product
⦁ Provide a message for the whole return request

⦁ Optionally show actual stock levels
⦁ Optionally show custom stock availability messages based on quantity
⦁ Realtime stock by branch - customers can see up-to-the-second stock levels for every branch
⦁ Unlimited number of product variant attribute groups
⦁ Button to add to favourites list
⦁ Custom GST labels for B2C and guest customers
⦁ Custom GST labels for B2B customers
⦁ Option to show prices GST exclusive or inclusive for B2C customers
⦁ Option to show prices GST exclusive or inclusive for B2B customers
⦁ 360 eCommerce offers the following complex pricing options.
⦁ Consumer price (B2C)
⦁ Standard B2B customer price - trade price
⦁ Multiple B2B price Levels with different prices
⦁ Quantity break pricing – B2B and B2C
⦁ Contract pricing (Customer-Product Matrix)
⦁ Recommended retail price
⦁ "On Special" prices
⦁ Product special promo pricing by date range
⦁ Option to show quantity price break table
⦁ Option to show quantity price break percentage saving
⦁ Option to show units per pack
⦁ Option to show a price note
⦁ Option to set a minimum order quantity
⦁ Option to set a step quantity above the minimum order quantity
⦁ Option to have an enquiry form on all or some product pages
⦁ Option to not show the price and add-to-cart button to display if a site visitor is not logged
⦁ Apply custom flags to display on product images. E.g. "Clearance", "New"
⦁ Option to display price per unit. E.g. Cost per metre for a 50 metre roll.
⦁ Products can appear in more than one category
⦁ Assign a product category as the canonical instance for SEO purposes
⦁ Related products component can be placed anywhere for any purpose such as up-sells, cross-sells, accessories, on sale or anything else that you can dream up
⦁ Automatic population of related products component by category, product flag or keyword
⦁ Alternative products - for back order & out of stock products 
⦁ Unlimited product page layouts for different types of products
⦁ Automatic or manual population of product pages to suit your website objectives
⦁ Option for multiple product images
⦁ Product images carousel including video option

⦁ Powerful product and web page search
⦁ Restrict search results by customer group
⦁ Fuzzy search
⦁ Look ahead predictive search with drop down suggestions
⦁ Optionally show product code in drop down suggestions
⦁ Grammar stemming
⦁ Exact product keyword matches such can be highlighted in the search results pages
⦁ Search fields allowing you to control which data to index for product search and control the ranking

⦁ Search by hidden product keywords
⦁ Place a search component on any page
⦁ Option to show price in search results
⦁ Option to show manufacturers code in search results
⦁ Option to show brand in search results
⦁ Option to show the quick order button in search results
⦁ Option to show the SKU in search results
⦁ Apply flags such as “ON SPECIAL” to display on product images in the search results
⦁ Option to not show the flags to some groups
⦁ Option to boost products higher in search results
⦁ Option to have different images and text for presentation of product information in product search results

⦁ Single or multiple page forms
⦁ Conditional questions
⦁ Powerful workflow - e.g. for a B2B customer account application
⦁ Post form data to other applications automatically
⦁ Option for forms to generate emails to multiple email accounts

⦁ Unique mix-and-match component architecture
⦁ Any component can be placed on any page
⦁ Every component is fully configurable for layout and design
⦁ Four different add to cart components
⦁ Front desk retail mode to hide wholesale prices when required
⦁ Add to cart on product category results page 
⦁ Option to show stock location and levels on product category results page
⦁ Quick order from search results
⦁ Back order message component
⦁ Alternative products for backorder situations
⦁ Four payment method components
⦁ Related Products component
⦁ Order history component
⦁ Invoice & credit notes - downloadable as PDFs or CSV files
⦁ Realtime up-to-the-second aged account balances
⦁ Product estimate/quote download
⦁ Customers can download their complete price list in CSV form
⦁ Return Request Authorisation component
⦁ Price list and percent discount display
⦁ Product Search Results component
⦁ Content Search Results component
⦁ Favourites list component
⦁ Order Confirmation component
⦁ Order Payment component
⦁ Place Order component
⦁ Shopping Cart component
⦁ Single Page Checkout component
⦁ Seven sub-components for the One Page Checkout component
⦁ Individual customer portal branding options
⦁ Form Panel component
⦁ Form Anchor component
⦁ Login Panel component

⦁ Unique mix-and-match component architecture
⦁ Any component can be placed on any page
⦁ Every design component is fully configurable for layout and design
⦁ Most design components have an optional Intro and Outro section and a listing option
⦁ Four different product menu options
⦁ Individual customer portal branding options
⦁ Website Header Options
⦁ Accordion component
⦁ Tabs component
⦁ Icons Accordion component
⦁ Alert Box component
⦁ Banners component
Mobile banner options
⦁ Super-Banners component
⦁ Call-To-Action Strip component
⦁ Form component
⦁ Form/Listing component
⦁ Form/Text component
⦁ Gallery component including videos
⦁ Dealer Locations component
⦁ Grid Layout component
⦁ Links component
⦁ Image Pods component
⦁ Price List component
⦁ Quote component
⦁ Related Content component
⦁ Resources component
⦁ Reusable components
⦁ Reusable Image Pods component
⦁ Subpage Listing component
⦁ Site Map component
⦁ Google Map component
⦁ Text component
⦁ Text and Slide Show component
⦁ Image Windows component
⦁ Video Embed component
⦁ Rich Text Editor component
⦁ Headline component
⦁ Two Column Text component

⦁ Load files, images and videos once and use anywhere with automatic resizing
⦁ Change image focus point for every aspect ratio (square, tall, wide etc)
⦁ Automatic cropping for product images
⦁ Automatic cropping for product images
⦁ Tools to auto-load product images and PDF's and assign to the correct product

⦁ Google Tag Manager and Analytics
⦁ Any other marketing tool that you want can be added if the tool uses a JavaScript tag
⦁ Blog
⦁ Social media component
⦁ MailChimp or Campaign Monitor sign up integration
⦁ NetSuite sign up form integration
⦁ Other CRM sign up form integrations
⦁ Sitewide Call to Action component
⦁ Open Graph images for social sharing of pages
⦁ Search Engine Optimisation tools (SEO)
⦁ 301 Redirect module
⦁ Robots.txt file
⦁ Google Merchant Feed RSS file

Your customers can access the following from your ERP system in real time
⦁ Online and offline historical transaction orders
⦁ Transactions CSV date range download functionality
⦁ Customer price list download
⦁ Invoices and credit notes
⦁ Aged account balances
⦁ Amount not yet due, included in the age balances table
⦁ Sales Order Not Yet Invoiced
⦁ Quotes
⦁ Options to view PDF’s in browser or download

⦁ Create individual user experiences by assigning users to experience groups
⦁ Unlimited experience groups
⦁ For any experience group it is possible to.......
⦁ Allow or disallow order placement, price visibility, sign up, editing favourites, RRP display, back orders and adding to cart if stock is zero
⦁ Enable or disable order on behalf of others, searching for other staff and editing staff details
⦁ On the check out page show or don't show and make mandatory or non-mandatory: purchase order, cost centre, customer reference, project name, "Care of" field and one general purpose field
⦁ Enable or disable barcode scanning for orders
⦁ Show or not show any product image flags to some groups. E.g. “ON SPECIAL” 

⦁ Integration to any third-party system – ERP, CRM, HubSpot, NZ Post, Google Maps etc.
⦁ Order integration
⦁ Email alerts if an order integration fails
⦁ All product data from an ERP system
⦁ Auto publishing and unpublishing of customers and members from an ERP system
⦁ Auto publishing and unpublishing of products from an ERP system
⦁ Failsafe error reporting pinpointing the cause of integration errors
⦁ Email alerts if an order integration fails
⦁ Customer portal for online and offline orders, courier numbers, invoices, credit notes, account balances, quotes and price lists stored in an ERP system
⦁ Punchout (Round Trip)

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