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Discover better ERP eCommerce Integration

For better and faster ERP eCommerce integration, 360 Commerce has many features built into the solution and included out-of-the-box, which are simply not available on other platforms.

If you have a specialised function or integration that isn’t part of the standard smart components or modules then we can build that bespoke module for you. This flexibility gives you the best of both worlds so you can fine-tune your site to suit the way your business operates.

100% Configuration - 0% Build

You’ll benefit from a streamlined configuration setup process that lets you choose the right components and modules you need for your ERP eCommerce integration. Going live with 360 Commerce is quick and easy so you can be up and running in as little as 8 weeks.

Unbeatable Value

Comparing apples with apples, 360 Commerce has lower initial and ongoing costs than any other system. Whether comparing to a traditional custom website ‘CMS’ type system such as Word Press or a more modern cloud based ‘Saas’ system such as Shopify Plus, 360 Commerce can’t be beaten.

Stay Ahead of the Pack

360 Commerce is constantly updated giving you everything you need to keep your website optimised now and for the future, accelerating your business and your profits faster than a typical custom build. Say goodbye to costly rebuilds of your website every 3-5 years just to keep up.

The features and benefits that make 360 Commerce the #1 choice for a seamless ERP eCommerce integration.

Website Design and Styling

All other eCommerce website platforms restrict you to building your site using page templates which means that all your marketing and product pages have to look the same.

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We are constantly building new eCommerce components and improving our existing ones to help you hit your goals and make sure the customer experience is world class. This makes for a happy customers which means more loyalty and revenue for your business.

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Product Presentation

Flexible content lets you design pages the way you want them and you can easily apply extra modules to deliver the functionality your business needs.

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Shipping Cost Calculator

Before they place an order, a sophisticated optional Advanced Shipping Cost Calculator module can calculate how much to charge a customer based on the size of the product in an order and where the order is being delivered to. It can even charge more for Rural Delivery.

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Customer Account Features

You tell your website what your customer offer is and it obeys. For every customer you can set their pricing, what content they see, what delivery fees they will be charged and how they can pay. Your customers can see their past orders and reorder from them.

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Customer Shopping Experience

Rule Number 1: Make it easy for your customers to find information and place their orders. Rules 2 to 10: See above. 360 Commerce is designed for a great User Experience from discovery to ordering and coming back to buy again and again.

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Built from the ground up for Search Engine Optimisation, blogging, Social Media links, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics ready. You also get either MailChimp or Campaign Monitor integration and, if that is not enough, you can drop in any tracking tool you want without even calling us.

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Payment Methods

Your customers can pay by Stripe, WindCave (previously known as Payment Express), Bank Transfer or charge to a business account for post-payment. You can even control the payment methods that any customer can pay, whether they have an account or not.

Form Builder

Because 360 Commerce is a constantly updated environment, designers, developers and users are able to refresh your website at will, without the risk of version conflicts within the system. This off the shelf functionality gives you the best of both worlds and is fine-tuned to suit the way your business operates.

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Not all integrations are created equally. With 12 years of experience building highly robust integrations to multiple systems we know that you need comprehensive error logging that you can view and act on, email alerts when an integration fails and order integration status tracking with easy retry in the case of failure.

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Powerful Media Library

Take the pain out of managing images, videos, documents and PDF’s. Load an image just once and 360 Commerce will resize it for every format you might use. Stored documents and PDF’s can be downloaded by customers.

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The best way to see just how good the 360 Commerce platform performs is to book a 20-minute demo. We'll show you how easy it is to integrate the site with your ERP system, how simple it is to build pages and how effective the solution is at delivering B2B sales.

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