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The Story of 360 Commerce

Our staff have been delivering e-commerce solutions for over 15 years.


They have had extensive experience managing B2B e-commerce solutions for major NZ corporations including Yellow Pages, Telecom, OfficeMax, The Warehouse and Warehouse Stationery.

For many years, customers engaged us to build complex B2B/B2C eCommerce solutions. We soon realised that many of these customers had both common requirements and custom-built needs, which continually created complex inflexible custom systems.

360 Commerce was born of a vision to provide powerful off-the-shelf e-commerce solution but with the flexibility to add new features to make the website fit our customers business needs rather than the other way around. To achieve this the Platform uses a unique component structure which does away with traditional fixed website templates. You simply choose smart components from our features list to create whatever page you or your customers need.

To date we now have over 200 features out of the box and the 360 Commerce Platform will do everything you need and if you find it can’t, we can add what you need to the platform. These improvements are then always incorporated into the platform along with our own improvements to deliver a powerful (WaaS) Website as a Service platform.

This means the Platform is continually updated so our customers don’t have to rebuild there websites every 3-5 years due to outdated inflexible systems. This gives our customers everything they need to keep their websites optimised now and for the future and help them accelerate their business faster than a typical custom website build.

It can be scaled up or down to suit everyone from a small company to a multinational with an array of dynamic components, eCommerce integrations and customisations, which other systems just don’t have. 360 Commerce delivers results to all areas of a business.

Ecommerce Solutions for Key Stakeholders

360 Commerce delivers results to all areas of a business.


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