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Ecommerce Software for Manufacturers, Wholesalers & Retailers


Built specifically for B2B eCommerce, 360 Commerce has all the features to meet the complex needs of B2B businesses and customers while providing a fast, seamless customer buying experience.


Key Features

The secret lies in usability. Making what is perceived to be an intricate buying process a simple and
productive one for your customers – particularly in the B2B sphere – will build trust and loyalty in both
your existing and prospective customer base, making them less likely to stray.

Single B2B and B2C website

360 Commerce provides a single platform to effectively manage both your B2B and B2C customers saving you time and money.

  • B2B websites - 360 Commerce provides a complete B2B online offering for your customers including ERP integration, price and stock checks, order status updates, return request authorisations, courier tracking, re-ordering and much more.
  • B2C website - 360 Commerce allows you to effectively sell directly to retail customers with guest customer functionality. Our unique components structure allows you to easily mix and match marketing and ecommerce components to showcase your product and make shopping easy.
  • 360 Commerce can connect many 3rd party marketing tools such as SEO checkers, email marketing tools, user behaviour trackers, online customer support and social media.

Key Features for Sales Reps

Provide your sales teams with the ability to:

  • View their customers' order history and zoom in on a particular order.
  • Quickly place orders on behalf of their customers from previous orders, a favourites list or even bulk upload orders from a file or use a barcode scanner built into 360 Commerce to place orders.
  • Look up stock availability and check customer pricing.

Key Features for Customers

Provide customers with custom product catalogues, custom shipping rules, contract pricing custom selection of payment methods, customer specific website content and functionality and much more.

360 Commerce offers proven quick and easy customer buying experiences including:

  • Powerful Search - predictive search and product flags ensure that your customers always find what they need, fast.
  • Choice of add to cart components such as tables of variants  for business customers a classic add to cart  component for B2C customers.
  • Quick Reorder from previous orders, a favourites list or upload their orders using a spreadsheet.
  • Product Barcode Scanning - customers can quickly order multiple products by simply using their smart phone or tablet to scan product barcodes.
  • Quick Checkout - an easy one-page checkout means higher conversion rates.
  • Multiple Payment Methods, your customers can pay by credit card, Bank Transfer or charge to a business account for post-payment.

Powerful Product Catalogue

You can have a different product catalogue for every customer or even a restricted catalogue for a customer's buyers and a full catalogue for their managers.

Apply flags to products such as ‘Service’ or ‘Spare Parts’ and you can easily provide your customers, service reps and installers with the ability to quickly filter search results.

Or apply ‘Clearance’ flags to products and create a dedicated store page to quickly move dead stock or overstock items.

Complete System Integration

360 Commerce integrates with many existing accounting, ERP, Inventory, CRM and Point of Sale systems so you can now leverage the benefits of seamless, automated integration.

  • Reduce Staff Costs
  • Real Time Data Conversion
  • Reduced Error Rates
  • Reduce Manual Data Entry
  • Eliminate Double Handling of Data
  • Free Up Key Staff
  • Display Actual Inventory Numbers


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