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360 Commerce for Marketing Teams


For marketing teams, the 360 Commerce platform delivers incredibly powerful editing tools via its CMS, making page creation and page edits a quick in-house task. Create bespoke landing pages, optimised for SEO, in minutes with purchase components built in to deliver greater sales opportunities and conversion.

360 Commerce offers powerful design and layout flexibility as well as SEO, fast performance and easy on-page measurement and reporting. Create pages in minutes, knowing they all integrate with your eCommerce and ERP systems.


Built to Deliver Design Flexibility

A standout feature of 360 Commerce is how it delivers complete design and layout flexibility.

360 Commerce has a unique component architecture that does away with the old concepts of fixed web templates and themes.

You choose how your pages look by simply choosing the components that you want on the page. New pages can easily be created by your in-house team. Any marketing or eCommerce component can be placed together with any other functional components, anywhere, on any page so the sky’s the limit. Imagine being able to place an Add to Cart button next to a product launch video on any page.

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A Marketing Solution

A marketing page or a product page can contain images, videos, slideshows, contact forms, Add to Cart buttons or any of 42 highly configurable components. It is so easy for you to create great content which means:

  • Brands can be communicated more powerfully and provide more value to the customer
  • The site will be easier to navigate
  • It is more likely that prospects will make contact and become customers
  • Better search engine ranking
  • 360 Commerce can also connect to many 3rd party marketing tools for SEO, email marketing, user behavior, online customer support and social media etc.

This means that you will have the power and flexibility to create and manage a high performing website without needing any web coding skills.

User Experience at the Core

360 Commerce allows your marketing team to deliver an online personality and experience that resonates with customers and is consistent with your brand. The easy to use configuration settings enable the creation of user experiences that flow and optimises sales. Feedback from our clients and their customers proves that the platform is easy for site visitors to use.

Our platform delivers a great user experience for every device – computers, mobile devices and tablets. You can even present different components to different groups of users for a fully customised user experience.

Included with every set-up are heat mapping tools so you can monitor customer interactions and develop the site based on key learnings.

Search Engine Optimised

Each and every page can be easily optimised for Search Engines through metatags and titles, alongside on-page tools to double-check you have the correct content for your keyword/keyphrase.

Alt tags for images are edited on each page that the image is used on, not centrally in the image library, like many website platforms. This means that you can gain in SEO terms by ensuring the image alt-tag text is specific to the search target of the page.

Built for Speed

360 Commerce is built with Microsoft’s .NET framework and is a Website as a Service (WaaS) platform. This means it serves websites to customers much faster than other open-source platforms that are often slowed down by plugins that are needed to provide missing functionality. The platform is also hosted on Microsoft Azzure which assures you of premium hosting, security and performance regardless of bandwidth required.

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