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Complete System Integration

360 Commerce integrates with many existing accounting, ERP, stock inventory, CRM and POS systems and our highly skilled development team can create integrations across multiple technologies and applications if needed.

Integration Partners


In the past, seamless system integration was restricted to large organisations with big budgets, due to the technology required and the costs involved. Technology has now evolved to the point where these sophisticated systems are available to smaller companies at affordable prices and this is no longer the case.

You can now leverage the benefits of seamless, automated integration.

The 360 Commerce platform picks up information such as sales orders and imports them directly into the customer (debtor) account in your ERP accounting system. This means that they will not need to be manually re-keyed. Information can also flow the other way. For example, data from the accounting system such as stock inventory numbers can feed through to the website. If there are two widgets in the warehouse then the website will display two widgets available for sale.

  • Reduce Staff Costs
  • Real Time Data Conversion
  • Reduced Error Rates
  • Reduce Manual Data Entry
  • Eliminate Double Handling of Data
  • Free Up Key Staff
  • Display Actual Inventory Numbers