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360 Commerce for Finance Teams

For finance teams, the 360 Commerce platform makes complex B2B sales simple and integrates with several major ERP and accounting systems.

360 Commence provides a complete B2B eCommerce offering for your customers including: price and stock checks, order status updates, return request authorisations, courier tracking, re-ordering, product catalogues, custom shipping rules, contract pricing, payment methods and much more.

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Pricing Made Simple

360 Commerce has many standard features, only found as add-ons in other solutions. For instance, with 360 Commerce, assign customers to pricing levels or contract pricing based on any criteria you set. Do you have different tiers of customers based on their spend levels? It's no problem with 360 Commerce, simply assign the tier to that customer in our Platform.

As a wholesale business, do you offer quantity break pricing to your customers? It couldn't be easier with 360 Commerce. Just let us know the breaks and we will ensure the platform and website recognises it. Your customers will soon be trading up to hit their next discount level!

Hassle Free Payments

Delivering great user experience is about delivering solutions that make life easier for your customers. As a finance person, you need to be able to control the receipt of money.  With 360 Commerce you can assign customers to different payment methods - Credit cards, Bank account transfers etc. We recognise you might not want to offer credit terms to every customer and that every one of your customers has their own unique circumstances. 360 Commerce offers you the flexibility to treat each customer differently.

Advanced Shipping

With 360 Commerce's Advanced Shipping component, you can price shipping charges by a sophisticated module that takes into account several variables such as product size, quantity of products, distance and the customer themselves, to maximise profit and sales.

Content Flexibility

It's highly likely you will want to treat each of your customers differently. That's no problem with 360 Commerce, as you can restrict content, products and search results by customer groups. Your off the shelf 360 Commerce eCommerce site has the power to deliver a bespoke customer experience.

Where other solutions have limits on the number of products included under their standard pricing, the 360 Commerce solution allows an unlimited number of product variants and variant attribute groups. We want your site to achieve great sales results, so we don't put any blocks in the way.

Complete System Integration

360 Commerce integrates with many existing accounting, ERP, Stock Inventory, CRM and POS systems so you can now leverage the benefits of seamless, automated integration.

  • Reduce Staff Costs
  • Real Time Data Conversion
  • Reduced Error Rates
  • Reduce Manual Data Entry
  • Eliminate Double Handling of Data
  • Free Up Key Staff
  • Display Actual Inventory Numbers

360 Commerce appeals to company finance and logistics teams because it offers a seamless integration, with no third-party company or product involved in the integration module. It is robust, failsafe and comes with great error reporting on a transaction-by-transaction basis. This ensures that there is no finger-pointing and time-wasting investigation if anything goes wrong with a transaction.

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