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Built to Deliver Design Flexibility

A standout feature of 360 Commerce is how it delivers complete design and layout flexibility.


Component Driven

360 has a unique smart component structure which does away with traditional fixed website templates and themes. You simple choose smart components from our features list to create whatever page you or your customers need.

Any marketing or eCommerce component can be placed together with any other functional components, anywhere, on any page so the sky's the limit. Imagine being able to place an Add to Cart button next to a product launch video on any page.

Every component is highly configurable so that every web page can have the WOW factor in looks and brand presentation.

With over 200 features, 360 will do everything you need and if you find it can't, we can add what you need to the platform, so that every web page can have the WOW factor in looks and brand presentation.

Ease of Use

Your marketing/design team have the power and flexibility to easily create and manage new website pages without needing any web coding skills.

User Experience at the Core

360 Commerce allows your marketing or design team to deliver an online personality and experience that resonates with customers and is consistent with your brand.

Our platform delivers a great user experience for ever device - computers, mobile devices and tables.

You can even present different components to different groups of users for a fully customers user experience.

Why Not See For Yourself?

Here are sample features used by brands across NZ to build better experiences.

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