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Insights and inspiration to grow your eCommerce sales with actionable tips, strategies and following the latest trends.

7 Key B2B E-commerce Trends

Frost & Sullivan have labelled B2B eCommerce as the up and coming industry for innovation and market attractiveness due to the emerging opportunities it presents. By the end of 2017 B2B eCommerce is expected to reach $889 billion and represent 11 percent of total B2B sales in the US. By 2021, those figures are expected to reach $1.2 trillion and account for 13.1 percent of ...

7 Tips to Increase Online Sales and Grow E-commerce Traffic

Your website is the front door to your company, would you walk in? In order to capture visitors a website must be interesting enough to keep the user engaged and quickly guide them through the buying process. We have summarised 7 ways to capture visitors to your website and make sure that they convert. Page Load SpeedWebsite page load time is an important aspect of any website ...

Data Driven Design & the Tools to Improve UX Website Design Based on Actual User Experience

How many times have you left a website without buying anything or disinterested because the process was too difficult or confusing, there were too many steps to get through, you were asked for irrelevant information or you couldn’t change something with your order etc? You click your mouse in a few places, go around in circles. Click your mouse a bit harder in some boxes and ev ...

Advanced Shipping Calculator

Don't lose money by not being able to provide instant, accurate  shipping prices. Our new Advanced Shipping Calculator is the best in-cart calculator available on any eCommerce platform.

Product Search Enhancements

Don't lose sales because site visitors can't quickly find what they want. Our powerful new 'fuzzy' search system has "look-ahead" predictive search, product flags and hidden product keywords to ensure that your customers always find what they need quickly.

August 2020 Feature Release

Following is the list of all the new components and latest features that we have added to the platform in August 2020 to help grow your business.

February 2021 Feature Release

Following is the list of all the latest features that have been added to the 360 Commerce platform in our February 2021 release to help grow your business.

June 2021 Feature Release

Following is the list of all the new components and latest features that we have added to the platform in June 2021 to help grow your business.


We are well and truly in the digital age as technology advances it is finding automated solutions for the majority of business processes. Companies use software to cover accounting requirements, payroll, human resources and many more business functions. E-commerce websites are increasingly replacing brick and mortar shops and users are increasingly turning to the web to find information. The way business is being conducted has transformed and the centralised platform that is becoming the facilitator for these business activities and transactions is the World Wide Web. Each organisation’s website is now the face of the company, the client facing element and centralised touch point for core business activities.