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How to Incorporate a HubSpot Form in a Web Page


There are two ways to incorporate a HubSpot form into a page on a 360 Commerce website.

The best customer experience is obtained by pasting the code generated by HubSpot into a Code Block. This will embed the form within your page. To find out how to do this, scroll down to the instructions below.

The alternative way is to paste a URL that can be generated in HubSpot. When a site visitor clicks on that URL they will be taken to a HubSpot form but that is pretty clumsy.  For this reason we have not supplied any instructions for this method but you can try it out the experience for yourself down below.


Embed a HubSpot Form Using a Code Block

This is what your form will look like and is in fact a real, working HubSpot form that saves submissions to the 360 Commerce HubSpot.



  1. Create a form in HubSpot then copy the code as shown in the image below
  2. Go to the components section of the page you want to embed the form in
  3. Choose Create then select Code Block from the drop down list
  4. In the new Code Block component click on the Content tab and post the HubSpot code into the Code Block field
  5. Use the Intro and Outro tabs to add any text before or after the HubSpot form
  6. Save and Publish the Component


This image is the HubSpot functionality as at 25 May 2022.

  1. Click on the Embed button top right
  2. Click on Embed code
  3. Click on Copy to copy the code so you can paste it into the 360 Embed Code component.

The Alternative - A Simple Link to a HubSpot Form