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Astro Hospitality

B2B - Hotel & motel guest room supplies

Astro is a premier supply to the New Zealand hospitality industry. With over 20 years of experience, Astro has evolved into one of New Zealand’s most reputable mid-scale, upscale and luxury hotel guest room specialists. 

Their product range is specifically designed for the hotel industry, taking into account both operational challenges and most importantly the guest experience. 

Top 3 reasons for customer to choose Astro are Product, People and Service – this meant that the customer experience on the web has to support that. The major goal for Astro was for the website to anything they need online. 


Key Features

Shop products B2B

Highlighted & related products

NetSuite ERP order integration

Customer member groups

Product options & variations

Contract pricing

Payment by credit card, bank transfer or on account

Authorised returns process

Advanced shipping calculator

Advanced search features

Fully custom page layouts

Full search engine optimization

Responsive website design

Online chat


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