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Bamford Medical

B2B & B2C - Medical Equipment Supplier


Bamford is a Kiwi medical supplier to New Zealand hospitals and practices for over 70 years.

They have three generations of understanding and delivering to hospitals’ needs. Starting in 1952, William Bamford saw a need to supply gauze rolls to hospitals after the war. A believer in taking opportunities, he did it. Simply doing what needs to be done, is still at the heart of what Bamford do.

From 1978, Alaister Bamford took what his father started and grew it into what it is today. Kiwi common sense and courtesy in the way they partner with innovative brands. Continuing in 2011, Alex Bamford has streamlined New Zealand’s medical needs with the innovations of global suppliers.

Knowing their customers and suppliers, asking their needs and then answering, is what sets them apart. Bamford make the supply of medical products easy to enable their customers to deliver better health outcomes. They do this by:

  • Having smart and simple supply chain processes delivering continuous, dependable supply
  • Supplying quality medical products at a fair price
  • Developing and maintaining agile partnerships with customers, suppliers and staff


Bamford Medical needed to upgrade their existing NetSuite Suite Commerce website to a more advanced solution which allowed them to both better reflect the business from a brand and content perspective as well as offer more advanced features and flexibility including:

  • Full NetSuite ERP integration including all product information, customer account information and order information
  • Complex product matrix variants
  • Complex on-account pricing
  • Order history and quick re-order
  • Custom partial and zero stock availability
  • Custom visibility of products to different customer groups


Bamford Medical selected the 360 Commerce platform due to the advanced NetSuite ERP integration. As well, the platform offered most of the key requirements out-of-the-box. In addition, the platform also offered the flexibility to add new features and functionality.

  • Bamford now have a highly designed website which better showcases the company story and brand
  • The website now provides all product information in a more effective and easier way to navigate
  • It provides customers with a easy and streamlined ordering process
  • Completely integrates to their NetSuite ERP system for a single source of truth

This will allow Bamford to take their online operations to the next level.



Key Features

Shop products B2B & B2C

Full NetSuite ERP integration

Automated product page creation

Different information for different users

Customer order history

Download product information sheets

Custom business rules 

Contract pricing

Advanced search features

Custom page layouts

Full search engine optimization

Highly designed responsive website design for phones and tablets


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