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Tactical Managed Solutions

B2B - Secure Uniform Supply

Tactical Solutions was formed in 1999 to offer government, law enforcement, defence, correctional, security and EMS organisations convenient and knowledgeable access to the world’s best operational equipment.

Since then they have become the leading supplier of equipment and expertise to all of New Zealand’s government departments as well as securing significant purchasing contracts with private clients and government departments in Australia and the Pacific Islands.

They draw on their extensive product range available through our direct partnerships with manufacturers and maintain strong relationships with the world’s leading developers. Making sure that breakthrough technologies are available to their clients throughout Australasia and the Pacific.

Tactical Solutions used the 360 Commerce Platform to deliver a modern end-to-end uniform procurement system that allows Tactical customers and their teams to seamlessly control there uniform procurement needs within one platform. 

One of the key reason Tactical chose the 360 Platform was because it was imperative that the platform complied with the  governmental specifications and government approved security protocols.





Key Features

Shop products B2B

Product options & variations

Specific customer contract pricing

Customer member groups

Custom business rules

Authorised order on behalf

B2B Bulk online ordering form

NetSuite ERP Integration

Payment on authorised account

Authorised returns process

Customer order history

Specific customer shipping rules

Responsive website design

Advanced search features


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