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The #1 eCommerce Choice for Business Owners & Directors

The 21st Century business environment is highly volatile and can change at the speed of light. The flexibility and power of 360 Commerce will give you the agility to implement new business strategies to confront rapid change in just a few hours to a few days.

360 Commerce is a powerful, flexible eCommerce platform with many features, all of which can be managed directly by your staff or your marketing agency to give your customers an optimum experience. It can be scaled up or down to suit everyone from a small company to a multinational with an array of dynamic components, eCommerce integrations and customisations, which other systems just don’t have

Future Proof Solution

Constant Innovation

360 Commerce is constantly upgraded with new functionality as technology evolves and eCommerce innovations burst out. Being NZ based, 360 Commerce is also focused on local client needs.
All our clients can take advantage of all new functionality in the core product.

If you have a need for a specialised function that isn’t part of the current feature list, we can add it to the platform for you. This flexibility gives you the best of both worlds so you can fine-tune your site to support your evolving business strategies.

It also means that you will get everything you need to keep your website optimised now and in the future, accelerating your business and your profits faster than a typical custom website will.

Why Choose 360 Commerce


360 Commerce delivers an excellent return on investment


100% configuration means your site can be made ready for content loading in a few hours


Revolutionary component architecture means that you can be more agile as your needs change


Microsoft’s world-class cloud infrastructure for security and reliability


100% Microsoft technology


No need for custom functionality means that your site will not be orphaned as the platform evolves


Robust fail-safe ERP integration


Predictable monthly costs that include all upgrades

A Sales Solution

Online Success

All of the above ensures that your website will not only address the needs of your existing customers but will also bring you new customers. This is because you will easily be able to address all parts of your customers’ purchasing cycle being:

  • Search for and research potential suppliers
  • Select a supplier
  • Purchasing products and services
  • Repeat purchasing
  • Loyalty

lower long terms costs


The 360 Commerce is a Software As A Service (SAAS) platform with a lower implementation cost and an ongoing monthly license fee rather than a high one-off custom development cost. This is similar to NetSuite and other ERP solutions you likely use in your business. 

The key benefits of the monthly fee are:

  • Highly secure and scalable Microsoft Azure cloud hosting
  • Ongoing support from our NZ based team
  • Access to regular new system improvements and features 
  • Quick responses to your queries 
  • Security - Your website is up to date, healthy, secure against any attacks and that your website is always online and operational for your customers
  • Platform evolution so no ongoing unexpected capital expenditure every 3 to 5 years 
  • Lower upfront build cost
  • Less capital expenditure and fully tax-deductible monthly fees

Here for you

Local NZ Based Support

Our technical team is here to help whenever you need us, right here in Auckland. This level of local support ensures there’s no downtime for you or your business and that any problems or issues are sorted quickly and easily. 

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The best way to see just how good the 360 Commerce platform performs is to book a 20-minute demo. We'll show you how easy it is to integrate the site with your ERP system, how simple it is to build pages and how effective the solution is at delivering B2B sales.

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