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Seamless, Automated Integration to NetSuite!

360 eCommerce is fully integrated with NetSuite and J Curve. It picks up information such as sales orders from the companies e Commerce website and imports them directly into the customer (debtor) account in NetSuite. This means that sales orders entered by the customer on the website will not need to be manually re-keyed into the accounting system but will feed through from the website.

Information also flow the other way. For example, data from the accounting system such as inventory numbers can also be integrated to the website. This means that actual inventory quantities can be entered once and displayed as they are updated. As stock items are receipted into the warehouse, this information will feed through to the website. If there are two widgets in the warehouse then the website will display two widgets available for sale.


  • Reduce Staff Costs
  • Real Time Data Conversion
  • Reduced Error Rates
  • Reduce Manual Data Entry
  • Eliminate Double Handling of Data
  • Free Up Key Staff
  • Display Actual Inventory Numbers

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