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August 2020 Feature Release

The team at 360 Commerce have been busy little beavers over the past few months developing a lot of new components to help our customers grow their B2B/B2C ecommerce businesses.

Search Improvements

  • Faceted Search – Allows users to drill down into search results by category or flag. In addition, you can create any new facet groups such as brand, colour or size. Assign them to your products and your search will be instantly more powerful which means happier customers and more sales.
  • Improved Product Search Results – These can now have an optional "card" design that makes your product stand out more.
  • Improved Breadcrumbs – Ability to have the breadcrumbs at the bottom of the page or at the top of the page. If there is a banner at the top of the page the breadcrumbs will be placed under the banner.

User Interface Improvements

  • New Header Option – To give more space for more menu items in the header.
  • Main Menu Items Improvement – You can now link to external websites in the header menu with the option to open the destination page in a new browser/tab when clicked.
  • Mega Menu Improvement – Ability to restrict the number of products that display in the mega menu to speed up page download times.
  • New sort order ability – Apply a sorting sequence in grids of product variants or collection products. Ideal if you have a large number of products in the grid.
  • POD or banner drop shadow – Option to add a drop shadow around the text on the image in a POD component or a banner component for better readability against any image.
  • Password Reset Improvement – We have removed special characters from system generated passwords so that they are easier to cut and paste, thus reducing errors.
  • Improved Product Category Component – Improved styling of faceted groups, categories and flags with control over the "card" design. Images can be placed with automatically either cropping or padding which means you can use images with different widths and heights without have to manually standardize them.

Ecommerce Improvements

  • Return Authorisation Request – Customers can ask for a return without ringing you.
  • Display of recommended retail price.
  • Discount Coupon Codes Improvement – Can now be applied to subtotal, shipping cost or total order cost.
  • New Gift Cards Function – Useful to reward customers or sweeten them after a complaint.
  • New Favorites List – Add products to a favorites list for faster ordering of items on the list.
  • Improved Login Messaging – Hide the log in panel and show a message if a customer is already logged in.
  • Google shopping merchant feed – Get your products out there with an automatic RSS feed.
  • Order on Behalf of Someone – Can be used by your team or your customers to order on behalf of another member from a full or restricted list of members or customers assigned to them. 
  • Upload products to the cart by CSV – Useful for those who have a long list of SKU's they want to order such as a bill of materials. The fastest way to add products to a the cart.
  • Permission Based Components – Ability to hide components and show them only to certain groups of users. Previously only pages could have restricted access. Ideal for targeted marketing and user experience personalisation.

Platform Management Improvements

  • Improved Content Publishing – Moving or renaming categories no longer requires a product re-index. Your changes will be instantly reflected on the website.
  • Automatic Product Level 301 Redirects – These are now created automatically when categories are moved or renamed.
  • New Product Page Templates – So that you don't have to build each product page. Just build one or more layouts and have them automatically populated by the integration. (There is a charge for required reworking of the product integration and it also requires replacing custom product pages with a template layout).
  • New ERP Product Image Gallery Component – Can be populated with images stored in NetSuite when using the above new product page templates.

About the author

Jason Platt

Jason Platt

I admit that I’ve always been a bit of a geek. At 12 I dismantled our new family TV to see how it worked, and, yes, I did have a few problems putting it back together! I still have an inquiring mind and believe it’s absolutely essential for anyone seeking to lead from the front in the online industry.
I have a strong background in strategic business and management having held managerial and executive positions in the online industry for over 20 years.