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Welcome to the 360 Commerce Blog.

June 2021 Feature Release

Following is the list of all the new components and latest features that we have added to the platform in June 2021 to help grow your business.


We are well and truly in the digital age as technology advances it is finding automated solutions for the majority of business processes. Companies use software to cover accounting requirements, payroll, human resources and many more business functions. E-commerce websites are increasingly replacing brick and mortar shops and users are increasingly turning to the web to find information. The way business is being conducted has transformed and the centralised platform that is becoming the facilitator for these business activities and transactions is the World Wide Web. Each organisation’s website is now the face of the company, the client facing element and centralised touch point for core business activities.

February 2021 Feature Release

Following is the list of all the latest features that have been added to the 360 Commerce platform in our February 2021 release to help grow your business.