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New Conpac ABM integrated eCommerce website goes live. 

We are pleased to announce that the new Conpac ABM integrated eCommerce website using the 360 platform has gone live. View Website Conpac Trading has been supplying packaging products for well over 20 years, both in New Zealand & overseas. They are experts in their fields with a wealth of product knowledge. Conpac has over 5000 stock lines and the key to their success is t ...

Microsoft Global Partner Network

360 Commerce are pleased to have recently been accepted into the Microsoft Global Partner Network and our platform is now available on the Global Azure Marketplace.

This is great news as it allows us to take advantage of all the new Microsoft technologies in the near future, which will benefit your company.

In addition, this has allowed us to greatly improve our platform speed using the Microsoft Azure cloud servers.

eProcurement Punch Out Data

eProcurement is one of the fastest growing B2B sales channels with over one trillion dollars in sales globally in 2022.

A large part of this growth is due to eCommerce website ‘Punch Out’ capabilities which allows you to integrate your eCommerce webstore with your customers eProcurement platforms.

This allows your buyer to shop on your ecommerce webstore from their eProcurement platform, with purchase order and invoice data automatically exchanged between you and customer.  Traditionally eProcurement was restricted to large organisations with big budgets, due to the technology required and the costs involved. However, Technology has now evolved to the point where these sophisticated systems are available to smaller companies at affordable prices. Source 2023 U.S. B2B Ecommerce Market Report