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February 2021 Feature Release

Following is the list of all the latest features that have been added to the 360 Commerce platform in our February 2021 release to help grow your business.


  • Faceted Search for Content Pages – 360 Commerce has facets in product searches so that buyers can easily filter product search results. That time-saving technology has been extended to content page searches.


  • New Page Header Theme – A two-line header with right text alignment and the menu navigation below the top right hand icon navigation and more space for a larger logo.
  • New Banner Component – A scalable image-only banner that will fill the width of any size screen.
  • Page Footer More Flexibility – On the left-hand side you can now add any content you want by using the Rich Text Editor.
  • Bread Crumb Options – Now you can elect to have the breadcrumbs appear at the top of the page under the header. If there is a banner under the header the breadcrumbs trail will appear under that.

User Experience

  • Floating Add to Cart Button – Now the Add to Cart button floats in the product collection and product variant table components so that it is always on the screen no matter how long the table is.
  • Category Sort in Facets – You can now control the order that categories appear in when they are displayed as search refinement facets.
  • Flag Sort in Facets – You can now control the order that product flags appear in when they are displayed as search refinement facets.
  • Find a Retailer – Lets consumers easily find shops where they can buy your products.

eCommerce Functionality

  • 100% of Order History on Your Website – A new integration Order History module will pull up all orders from your ERP system. This means that no matter how an order was placed, if it is in your ERP system it will be visible to your customers on the website. This means that orders placed offline or online will have the same order history functionality.
  • Return Request for Any Order – With the new Order History module, customers can request to return items for any order.
  • Courier Tracking Number Display – If the new Order History module is adopted, customers can view courier tracking numbers for any order.
  • “Care Of” in Delivery Address – A new optional field that can be used when you want to let buyers address an order to a different person than the order is for.
  • Cost Centre in Checkout page – A new optional field that can be used by buyers to key in a cost centre for an order.
  • Customer Pricing Groups – Now you can assign a customer to different pricing levels for different products whereas previously each customer was assigned to the same price level across all products.
  • Discount and Gift Code Off/On – Until now, these features could only be on or off for all your customers. Now you can set either one on or off for any set of customers. This means unlimited flexibility.

Website Administration

  • More Custom Wording for Field Labels – We have added more field labels to the 360 Commerce dictionary. As an example, now you can have a column heading that for product identifiers is “SKU” or “Code” or anything else that you like.

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Jason Platt

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