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June 2021 Feature Release

Following is the list of all the latest features that have been added to the 360 Commerce platform in our June 2021 release to help grow your business. Please contact us if you would like to know more about any of these new features.

eCommerce Functionality

  • Product Barcode ScanningYou can now provide your customers with the ability to quickly order multiple products by simply by using their smart phone or tablet to scan your product barcodes from the store shelf or stockroom and select the quantities needed. This saves time and reduces human error from manual data entry.
  • Offline Customer Account File UploadYou can now upload PDF invoices, statements or other files to your customers' online website account area where they can view them securely. This can done either individually or in bulk by one ‘drag and drop’ movement.
  • Custom Price Upload360 customers without full ERP integration can now bulk upload customer specific pricing by uploading an Excel file to their website.
  • Product Colour SwatchesYou can now chose to display product colour variants as color swatches on product pages. This lets your customers make quicker product selections.
  • More Backorder/Partial Stock FunctionalityYou can now choose to allow or prevent customer groups placing an order for a product if the quantity in their cart exceeds the stock availability of that product. For example, you may want to stop credit card customers from doing this but allow account customers to place an order for a product with insufficient stock.
  • Hide Product Pricing and Add to Cart - You can now choose to not display product prices or an Add to Cart button to select customer groups and products.


  • New MYOB integrationWe are pleased to announce have now integrated the 360 Platform with MYOB to enable Product and Customer information to be pulled into the website and Orders to be pushed to MYOB.


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