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March 2022 Feature Releases

Following is the list of all the new components and latest features that we have added to the platform in March 2022 to help grow your business. Please contact us if you would like to know more about any of these new features.

B2B e-commerce features

  • Checkout Address Book - now your customers can have multiple shipping and billing addresses and select which addresses they want to use in the checkout page
  • Fast Ordering - now customers can place an order by uploading a CSV file or by using a fast order form to add any number of products without have to go to each product page
  • Near Realtime Pricing Updates - now you can have prices automatically updated at any time of the day on a schedule that can be close to real-time using the Microsoft Azure Redis Price Caching. This offers proven performance in real life with up to 11 million prices
  • Realtime Stock by Branch - now your customers can see the actual up-to-the-second stock levels for every one of your branches
  • Click and Collect - now you can offer your customers the ability to place an order online and pick up from any of your branches
  • Alternative Products - if a product is going to go on backorder you can display alternatives to the out of stock item in the checkout process
  • Invoice & Credit Notes - now your customers can find and download invoices and credit notes as PDF or CSV files. A powerful search feature enables them to search for these documents by product, by order number, credit note number or invoice number. They can load the CSV files into their own accounting system if it has that capability
  • Realtime Account Balances - keep on top of your accounts receivable by displaying actual up-to-the-second account balances including total amount, amount due and aged amounts by month
  • Price List and Percent Discount Display - now you can show your customers the product prices they will pay, the pre-discount prices and also what percentage off the list price they are getting
  • Product Estimate/Quote Download - now you can complete quotes/estimates in NetSuite and your customers can find and download them via the website as PDF’s

Design UI Features

  • New Text Only Mega Menu - ideal for large product ranges with multiple levels
  • New Website Header Options - you can now add more key information such as contact numbers into the header

Integration Features

  • Enhanced Member and Customer integration

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Jason Platt

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