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Microsoft Global Partner Network

360 Commerce Microsoft Azure Marketplace

360 Commerce are pleased to have recently been accepted into the Microsoft Global Partner Network and our platform is now available on the Global Azure Marketplace.

This is great news as it allows us to take advantage of all the new Microsoft technologies in the near future, which will benefit your company.

In addition, this has allowed us to greatly improve our platform performance using the Microsoft Azure cloud servers.

Visit the Azure Marketplace

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Jason Platt

Jason Platt

I admit that I’ve always been a bit of a geek. At 12 I dismantled our new family TV to see how it worked, and, yes, I did have a few problems putting it back together! I still have an inquiring mind and believe it’s absolutely essential for anyone seeking to lead from the front in the online industry.
I have a strong background in strategic business and management having held managerial and executive positions in the online industry for over 20 years.